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    Paving Pros of Las Vegas

    Paving Pros of Las Vegas is a full-service asphalt paving contractor serving Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Being a number one asphalt paving company, we strive for exceptional results for a wide selection of services comprising repair and installation of driveways, parking lots, and asphalt maintenance you would struggle to find anywhere else.

    When you desire world-class paving in Las Vegas, NV, then you need the skills and experience of Paving Pros of Las Vegas. We are the local hot seal repair and asphalt industry leaders and understand every facet of asphalt maintenance. Home or business owners, along with public institutions, benefit from our installations and asphalt repair programs.

    As premium asphalt paving contractors in Las Vegas, Nevada, we go the extra mile to be sure any project of any size is done right the first time. We carry out asphalt and concrete repairs with the most attention to detail to offer high-quality preparations, a perfect seal, and surface on any driveway, parking lot, or other area requiring a quality finish.

    Deliver Timely Services

    Paving Pros of Las Vegas understand the value of time and how much disruption can affect your work or home. Time means everything, and we estimate the shortest amount of time to carry out any contract for a pavement, street repair, or offering some attention to your asphalt driveway or parking lot.

    Without compromise to quality, we make sure each job ends promptly so you can get on with your life and business.

    Premium Customer Service

    Paving Pros of Las Vegas Inc. has one commitment, ensuring you have the number one service possible. Every member of our top concrete and asphalt maintenance crews have years of experience and are highly skilled in all-new installation techniques.

    No matter where you are located, be it North, South, East, or West of Las Vegas, Nevada. Once you contact us at the company office, we make sure you receive the best no rights reserved service in the industry. 

    Quality Asphalt Services and Materials

    Without some of the best asphalt and concrete equipment any company can work with, every paving crew wouldn't be possible to complete each new project to the highest level and get a seal of approval from our customers.

    From pavement laying to hot seal patching work, it doesn't matter how large or small the new task is. Our experienced crews have spent years perfecting their skills and techniques.

    We own and maintain all our equipment and guarantee every inch of a parking lot, driveway, or pavement meets any paving specifications laid down by owners or authorities. Using good quality asphalt materials also affordable, Paving Pros of Las Vegas deliver highly durable, resistant surfaces, which last a considerable number of years.

    Asphalt and concrete driveway installation and repairs Las Vegas NV 89101

    What's our Clients Says

    “My driveway was cracking after a hose leak and I needed the job completed quick. I called Paving Pros of Las Vegas who did the job in half the time I expected. Great crew!”

    Roger Black
    Henderson, Las Vegas

    “After many years our company parking lot needed some much-needed attention. Paving Pros of Las Vegas did the entire job without us needing to stop using the parking lot. Well thought out and executed.”

    Joe Williams
    Las Vegas

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